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Angeline (Before)Macy Warner
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Angeline (After)Macy Warner
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Call Your Mom (Before)Emily Sonne
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Call Your Mom (After)Emily Sonne
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Our one-of-a-kind Songboard™ technology  works to develop your unique sound and match you with producers 

Our expert technology* helps pinpoint instruments, styles and effects to enhance your music and transform your song into a radio ready track PLUS our Artificial Intelligence works to align your music with likely and potential industry opportunities (TV/film, playlists, blogs, and more)

*Songboard™ technology is patent pending and available to artists upon posting a project 



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I would like a mature sounding track close to Adele and Sam Smith, with piano prominent ...


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I'm looking for a producer who can stay true to the live sound. I want to work ...


project cover photo 2019 1200 kenzie dar

I want to do a fusion of country and a subtle hip hop beat. In the intro I am trying ..

pop-electronic-alt rock

project cover photo 2019 1200 hollywood

I'm just really looking for a producer who can supply a well done production and mix ...


Artists think we're pretty rad. We're rated 5/5 stars from artist & producer reviews.

Our Values


Get the best possible results by working with multiple producers at once and then pick your favorite. This system ensures that producers are putting their best work forward, providing innovative techniques, and tailoring the production to match the vision of each individual artist.


We personally vet and perform background checks on our studio engineers and producers (look for the verification badge), and incorporate a ratings and review system, so you can see how other songwriters and artists rated their experience with each engineer or producer. 


Our built-in, hassle-free, and plain-as-day legal contracts allow the artist to retain full copyright and ownership of their song as well as securely offer a small 3% sound recording royalty to their chosen producer (industry standard).


Never again will you have to suffer from wasting money on anything less than industry standard. We make sure you walk away with a radio-quality, market-ready song that is fully produced, professionally mixed, and ready to be pitched to playlists and industry opportunities. 


We aim to democratize the music industry, by empowering widely underrepresented demographics including females & racial minorities; giving songwriters more control and protecting their well-being. We also offer a completely blind selection process for producers, eliminating potential gender or racial biases.


For engineers and producers, we offer a path to self-mastery by providing self-awareness; ensuring that they meet the requirements of accepted practices, prescribed rules and regulations, specified standards and skill sets, and that they comply with our terms of service - in order to provide security and to help them build up their clientele.

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