Additional Artist Support Bundles

Most artists easily and confidently use ItyDity with MusicandMe™ and the Song Production package.  Some artists need additional support, so we offer a variety of additional bundles

Dedicated Song-Success Manager


Prioritized support, your own Dedicated Song-Success Manager to assist you 24/7

Help with creative direction

Pro feedback on submissions

Help deciding on producers

Brainstorm session with Pro

Distribution and Royalty Accounting

$50 one time set up +

$10/yr Tunecore fee

Get your song on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and we handle your accounting

All streaming & social platforms

Quarterly royalty administration

Marketing Opportunity & Placement Matching


Discover potential industry opportunities that match your unique sound

Blogs, TV/Film, Playlists, Radio

Contact info and pitching templates

Record full length EP or album

$30/month for one year +

producer rate per song

Create a full album with the perfect producer for each song

Communication Portal

Built in copyright & royalty contract protection

Artist Advocate

Dedicated Project Manager

I’d like to talk with a real person. 

Need something different?

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