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I would like a mature sounding track close to Adele and Sam Smith, with piano prominent ...


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I'm looking for a producer who can stay true to the live sound. I want to work ...


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I want to do a fusion of country and a subtle hip hop beat. In the intro I am trying ..

pop-electronic-alt rock

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I'm just really looking for a producer who can supply a well done production and mix ...



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alt rock-folk-misc

I want to keep it simple and raw. I would like to hear horns and ideally upright bass ...

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The production shouldn’t overshadow the lyrical message. I would like to shop this song ...

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I want to do a fusion of country and a subtle hip hop beat. In the intro I am trying ..

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The style that I'm going for is chill pop. I'd like elements added to give it a pop feel ...

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I'm looking for clean, acoustic production. I can maybe hear some "big band" sounds ...

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alt rock-folk

I'm looking for a producer who can stay true to the live sound. I want to work...







With ItyDity, I was able to find and work with someone who I really felt understood what I was going for.

The producer I picked completely enhanced my song in a way I couldn't have imagined, and that's what I think is the coolest thing about this.

The producer I chose added these cool colors and textures and I just could not be happier with how my song turned out.

The producer I chose really captured the beachy-pop vibe I was going for and I just love how my song turned out!

I've worked with producers before, but I really liked how on ItyDity I got to hear my song in different ways and then pick my favorite one.

I'm beyond excited about how my song turned out and a huge thanks to ItyDity for being an amazing medium to connect producers and songwriters.

Having my song professionally produced with ItyDity made me feel like I completed something and helped me to feel more validated as a songwriter.

My goal with this whole music thing is to create something beautiful that touches people's hearts ... and ItyDity helped me do that.


What are Project "Rounds" and how do they work?

Projects take place in 3 rounds - On ItyDity, Projects occur in 3 rounds: The Written Request Round, The Submission Round, and The Final Producer Round. To learn about rounds in 30 seconds click here.

Does it cost money to join?

Not at all. Producers - join and work with artists for FREE. Artists - list your song on ItyDity for FREE and immediately start getting requests from producers who want to work with you. Then, if you decide to move forward to work with your top picks, ItyDity offers affordable, at just $849 per song. Click here to see our song production project pricing packages.

My rates are usually higher than this. Will payout amounts ever increase?

Because ItyDity is just getting started it is important that we make the production process as smooth as possible. This way, we will be able to attract more up-and-coming talent for producers to connect with. Through extensive research and data collection, we maintain that our $600-$2,200/song price point is reasonable to most producers, especially for the consideration that we are introducing them to new prospective long-term clients - at which point producers can then charge whatever is their normal amount, if the artist agrees. Additionally in the future, ItyDity will implement an option to work one-on-one with Top Tier producers on our platform, through which producers will be able to set higher prices for their work. We will continually work to encouarge higher payouts for production when appropriate, as our platforms grows

What is the purpose of Projects?

Projects on ItyDity serve as a test run of sorts to facilitate long lasting musical partnerships. The process of receiving Rough Draft Proposals is meant to serve as a matchmaking system so that artists can find a producer they love. This system allows artists to form a qualified relationship with their selected producer as they can now see this producer is a better fit for them than many other potentially qualified candidates. And because this system is so effective (we have a 100% successful match rate) every artist we've worked with to date has continued to work with their final selected producer again and again hiring them for more songs and working together off the site.

If I move into Round 2 of a project, what is meant by "Rough Draft Submission"?

For both artists and producers, it is often hard to tell before entering into a collaborative project whether or not each will be well suited for the other. Rough Draft Proposals (also called "Submissions") are an efficient method that producers can use to give artists a good idea of which elements and effects they would bring to their songs. This provides a chance for producers to show off their skills and creativity and a chance for artists to get a feel for what a full collaborative project with a particular producer would sound like.

Rough Draft proposals could come in many forms. One Submission may consist of just a portion of the song, such as the chorus, giving the artist a preview of which direction a producer would plan to take the song as a whole - while another submission could be a more detailed overview of a proposed composition for the entire song.

It's really just up to the producer to decide how much time they feel is necessary to spend on a Submission in order to give the artist enough insight into their style, ingenuity, and skill sets. Proposals can be crafted by producers for an artist's song by downloading the tracks for that song and uploading them into their DAW.

Rough Draft Proposals are NOT a submission of previous work done with another artist. They must be a sample of what the producer would and could do for this new artist's song.

When I hear a demo, are those the tracks I'm getting to work with? Do selected producers ever ask artists to re-record part way into producing?

No, the demo that is publicaly playable on a project page does NOT consist of the tracks producers who enter into Round 2 will be working with. It is only prior to the beginning of Round 2 that the artist will professionally record the tracks for their song locally with one of our Verified ItyDity Engineers - usually 1 main vocal with 2 harmonies and 1 instrumentation track. These are the tracks you will using in Round 2 to create your submissions (if you are chosen to enter into Round 2). In 90% of cases, these are also the tracks that are used in the final production as most artists and producers usually decide that there is no need to re-record. HOWEVER, if and when you are selected as the final producer, and you and/or the artist believe that it is in the song's best interest to re-record the tracks together, you can either: 1. Make arrangements to have the artist re-record in your studio - with the artist covering travel costs, and the producer decides whether or not they will need additional funds (more than the project payout amount) to do so. 2. Alternatively, if the producer would like the tracks re-recorded, but doesn't need to be in person to do so, the artist can go back to their engineer to re-record the tracks according to the producer's requests and suggested specs. P.S. If you would like to be added to our directory of dedicated engineers you can submit your studio here: