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Submitted  a song to ItyDity x Women Crush Music - Female Song...

10 days ago
Anna Lee

Submitted a song to ItyDity x Women Crush Music - Female Song...

14 days ago

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ItyDity x Women Crush Music - Female Song...

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Latest Challenge Finalists

From a combination of fan votes and scores from our judges, here are the finalists from the #WomenCrush Music x ItyDity Best Original Song By A Female Artist Challenge.


how challenges work

2. Submit songs

5. Reap the rewards

Top Voted songs get professionally produced via projects & promoted via ItyDity.

1. Find Challenges

Browse through challenges on ItyDity to find ones that suit you.

Register on ItyDity, then submit a simple recording of your song.

3. Develop as an artist

Enjoy advice and feedback from our uniquely supportive community.

4. Have your say

Critique and rate submissions yourself and become a curator of the songs that get produced on ItyDity.


why participate?

1. Express yourself

Our challenges are the place to let your authentic self shine - you're free to push boundaries and create work that's uniquely you. Submit demos and use ItyDity as a testing ground for new ideas.

2. Personal Growth

Think of ItyDity as a new type of songwriting school - a place where everyone from fledgling to established writers receives constructive critique and support from ItyDity and talented peers.

3. Focus on your craft

Spend your time 100% on writing and creation. If you win a challenge, we'll handle the details of pairing you with the right producer to work closely with you to transform your song into a market-ready full production.

4. Build your fanbase

ItyDity builds all of our marketing around you, the artist. In this way, we promote you and build your personal brand and fan base through our online community of fans and voters, social media, news coverage, PR and more.

5. Have fun

Entering and winning ItyDity's challenges gives you the opportunity to experiment, have fun, connect with other songwriters, and realize the 'thrill of the win' when your vision is validated by hundreds of voters.