We ask artists to choose up to 3 colors to represent their song in order to better express to producers the emotions they hope to further evoke with the production of their song.


The following table was pieced together from the research of a variety of studies, including the Lüscher color test. Lüscher's studies match many others to conclude that certain colors evoke similar emotions, thoughts, and feelings across many different cultures. This is widely thought to be due to the fact that, despite geographical or cultural differences, we're all brought up with the same colors in nature. I.E. Pink (flowers), Turquoise (water/ocean), Blue (sky), ect. 

Romance, calm love, friendship, passivity
Refreshing, sophisticated, balanced, serenity
Wholesomeness, reliability, earthiness, warmth
Nature, harmony, growth, fertility, safety
Energy, aggressiveness, action, anger, sexuality
Cheerfulness, intellect, energy
Happy energy, enthusiasm, joy
Tenderness, deep feeling, freedom, intuition, intelligence
Emotionless, dull, formal, conservative
Enchantment, charm, luxury
Purity, cleanliness, faith, spirituality, perfection
Nothingness, surrender, mystery, fear
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