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It all began with a Blueprint...

A quick, interactive guide helped both the artist and our producers understand the artist's authentic style and captured exactly what the artist needed for their song production.

The style that I'm going for is chill pop. I'd like elements added to give it a pop feel and would consider special effects such as slight auto tune on the rap/sing part on the bridge. 

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Emma Marie launched her Project on ItyDity to get her song produced.

Hear the final result!

ItyDity Client

...and a phone recording.

Gold (Home Demo)Emma Marie
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Producers around the world sent feedback.

Emma's top picks submitted samples of how they'd each produce her song.

Listen through submissions

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Producer Requests

You’ll get loads of requests and feedback from experienced producers around the globe.

Producer Submissions

Work with talented, professional Producers to hear your song brought to life in different ways.  Each producer adds instruments and effects to lend their own style

Selected Producer

Select your favorite Submission and work with the final Producer to transform your home recording into a market-ready song.

Milo Burke

Rising Producer

Boulder, Colorado

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Producer payment: $600

Client review

I've worked with producers before, but I really liked how on ItyDity I got to hear my song in different ways and then pick my favorite one.

Emma worked with her final selected producer to complete the song

The artist and producer worked 1-on-1 to complete the song, communicating via phone, zoom and email.  Once finished, the producer sent the artist all files and artist retained 100% copyright ownership. 

Hear the final result!

This song is now available on all major platforms:

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