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ItyDity's Artificial Intelligence works to ingeniously match music licensing opportunities in film, TV, ads, independent video projects and more with specific songs - by detecting likelihood of compatibility; analyzing instrumentation, productive elements, mood and lyrical content.


Jonah Brockman

00:00 / 01:59
Melancholy Jazz Hands

Jonah Brockman

00:00 / 04:06
Space Cactus

Jonah Brockman

00:00 / 03:56
Call Your Mom

Emily Sonne

00:00 / 03:05

Macy Warner

00:00 / 03:44


What is ItyDity Music Licensing?

At ItyDity we work with some of the world’s top producers and emerging and undiscovered up-and-coming artists, and we are now making their tracks accessible to you, for easy discovery and licensing for your film, tv, gaming, podcast, or video project.
Never before has it been this easy to be on the pulse of emerging talent and help break new artists.

Who is ItyDity Music Licensing for?

ItyDity Music Licensing is for music supervisors and independent production companies looking for music to sync to their film and video projects.

What is the difference between ItyDity Music Licensing and other licensing libraries?

Our catalog of music features unique instrumentals from our own directory of top producers that can either be used for sync or by independent artists who want to write an original topline (vocal melody and lyrics) and to release the final song as their own. Furthermore our unique catalog features songs created through our platform, in collaboration between our top producers and under-the-radar emerging singer-songwriters using our proprietary song development technology that promotes higher levels of innovation and authentcity in music. In terms of Highly Intelligent Music Licensing, our proprietary technology allows anyone to browse and search our catalog by more than just generalizations, but instead by keywords to find songs that share similarities with particular items that you're looking for.

What are the licensing libraries?

Non Exclusive - For limited run releases, demos and promotional use. Licensed by multiple outlets, films, and/or artists.
See license for details
Exclusive - For commercial releases. Track will be removed from store as soon as it is licensed. If you register derivative work with a PRO, the Producer should be designated as recipient of 50% of public performance royalties. These royalties will be collected and distributed by the PROs, so you don’t have to do any accounting, reporting or additional payouts. You own the master of the derivative work.
See license for details
Buyout - For commercial releases. Track will be removed from store as soon as it is licensed. No need to register the producer as co-writer with a PRO, so all potential public performance royalties can be yours. No other payouts are due to Producer. No accounting, reporting or additional payouts to the producer. You own the master of the derivative work.
See license for details