Full spec list for deliverables.

If selected as the winning producer, upon completion of the song the following deliverables are expected to be handed to the artist. *NOTE: These are standard industry practices, but if any of this seems daunting or confusing to you , our pro audio experts will help you sort it out when and if the time comes!

1. Mastered Mix 16bit/44.1kHz Mix

2. Unmastered Mix 24bit/44.1kHz Mix

3. TV Mix (AKA mix with lowered vocals)

4. Instrumental mix

5. The individual elements as described below (because it separates the tracks from the effects) in 24bit/44.1kHz (not 96kHz).

1. Kick Drum

2. Snare Drum

3. Hi-hat

4. Tom 1

5. Tom 2

6. Floor Tom

7. Overheads

8. Drum Room Mic

9. Bass Guitar

10. Electric Guitar Right

11. Electric Guitar Left

12. Acoustic Guitar Center

13. Piano

14. Lead Guitar

15. Synth

16. Lead Vox

17. Doubled Lead Vox

18. Harmony

19. Room Reverb

20. Long Reverb

21. Delay

22. Harmonizer


This, then, makes each individual instrument dry, Unless there was a certain effect used unique to that particular track , but even then this would also include the sends to the effects used.  This method also preserves anything a producer does to the song, that was uniquely them, without giving away "tricks".