How it works

Song production - tailored for you, the artist.



Get requests from top producers

Fill out our form to describe how you imagine your song to sound and upload a quick demo of your song (recorded into your phone or home gear is fine). Then, sit back as our global community of top producers pitch for their chance to produce your song. Producers will send you short written requests citing why they feel they'd be the best fit.



Hear different versions of your song

From your requests, pick your 5 favorite producers to move forward with. Each producer will now create different sketches of your song so that you can hear how your song sounds with one producer, versus the next, before choosing your favorite. This makes it easy to find the most qualified producer who best fits your tastes, so that you can get the best possible results.



Complete your market-ready song

Work with your final selected producer to complete your song to perfection. You'll walk away with the best possible production for your song PLUS a go-to-market guide complete with a list of potential market opportunities unique to your song like Spotify and Apple Music playlists, major and indie blogs, and/or sync placements.

Artists, we want to work with you!

Do you have a song that you'd like produced?

Schedule office hours and one of our experts will call you to discuss what we can do to match you with top producers to get you the best possible results for your song.


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