How much does it cost to have a song produced on ItyDity?

Artists can get started for absoultely free. It is only if an Artist chooses to advance their project into Round 2 that they'll need to pay ($849 per song). Also, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. For full details see our pricing page here. See here for more about Project Rounds.

How are copyrights and master ownership handled?

One of the major benefits of collaborating through ItyDity is that we guarantee the legal validity of our Terms of Use that act like a Work Made For Hire contract ensuring that producers will not own any copyrights nor master ownership to an artist's song after they have been paid for their work. Likewise ItyDity will not own any copyrights nor master ownership to your material. And it is simply by using this website that all users are protected by these Terms of Use. Simply put, you will always own 100% of the copyright and master ownership of your song. Note: There are royalty splits. Your final selected producer and ItyDity will each recieve a 5% sound recording royalty from revenue that the song generates, as outlined in our Terms & Agreements. What is the Difference between a copyright and a royalty? Copyright means ownership and control of the piece of music, as recorded. It confers on you, the right to decide whether it be distributed on spotify, or included in a movie or TV commercial. Royalties means the money generated by the song in certain ways…usually from digital downloads, streaming the song, or having it played on the radio. Just because a producer and ItyDity is entitled to a share of the royalties from a song, does not mean they own any of the copyright for that same song nor have any right to make decisions about the song. It is typical that an artist may offer a small share of their sound recording royalty with their producer, production company, and/or labels/reps/A&R. Note: A traditional record company deal would often force an artist to give up ownership and/or control of their own song, plus take a much larger share of royalties - for providing many similar services that ItyDity does - artist development, producer matchmaking, quality oversight, legal security, ect. ItyDity does not do this. We ensure artists keep full ownership of their work and ensure low, but fair royalty split percentages. And we make it all hassle free for the artist, taking care of the legal contracts via our built in terms of use.

What is meant by Rough Draft Submission?

For both Artists and Producers, it is often hard to tell before entering into a collaborative Project whether or not each will be well suited for the other. Rough Draft Submissions are an efficient method that Producers can use to give Artists a good idea of which elements and effects they would bring to their songs. This provides a chance for Producers to show off their skills and creativity and a chance for artists to get a feel for what a full collaborative project with a particular Producer would sound like. Basically, Artists get to actually hear what their song would sound like when working with one producer versus the next. There is no other platform that gives Artists the chance to compare Producers this way. Rough Draft Submissions could come in many forms. One Submission may consist of just a portion of the song, such as the chorus, giving the Artist a preview of which direction a Producer would plan to take the song as a whole - while another Submission could be a more detailed overview of a proposed composition for the entire song. It's really just up to the Producer to decide how much time they feel is necessary to spend on a Submission in order to give the Artist enough insight into their style, ingenuity, and skill sets. Submissions can be crafted by Producers for an Artist's song by downloading the tracks for that song and uploading them into their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation - AKA Protools, Cubase, ect). Rough Draft Submissions are NOT a submission of previous work done with another Artist. They must be a sample of what the Producer would and could do for this new Artist's song.

What if I only want to find a local Producer to work with, can I do that?

Of course. If it is important to you to only work with a Producer who lives in your local region so that you can meet with them in person to complete the song, then you can simply choose to post a "Locals Only" Project. This will prohibit any Producer outside of a 100 mile radius from submitting to your Project. Please be aware that this will obviously limit the number of Producers who will bid on your project.

Can an Artist select multiple Producers?

Yes, they can. And we actually encourage it when an Artist is torn between Submissions (and mandate they do so if the artist plans to use any part of a second Submission). It works as follows: The artist selects one Producer to be the lead. This producer will receive the full payout amount and will be tasked with mixing and mastering the song. Then, the Artist can either: A. Choose 1 or more other producers as co-producers and pay each co-producers an additional amount equal to the full project payout amount minus $300 (since the co-producers are not tasked with mixing and mastering). We encourage this if there is a significant portion of another Producer's Submission that the Artist is excited about. *Note that co-producers do will also receive 5% a sound recording royalty on top of the Selected Producer’s five percent (5%) royalty and ItyDity's five percent (5%) royalty, as detailed in Section 2.2 of our terms of use. OR B. Instead of selecting co-producers, the Artist can select only certain elements from non-selected Submissions such as the bass line, or horns section, or drums and then pay each corresponding Producer $100 for that specific element. This is recommended if the Artist only likeS (add the S) one or two specific elements of another Producer's Submission. We are pro-active in educating Artists on these fair practices and we strictly enforce that artists follow these guidelines, so that there is no plagiarism or stealing of Producers ideas, in order that Producers are rightly compensated for their original, unique, and non-obvious ideas. ItyDity will diligently protect both the artist and the Producer to see to it that our guidelines are strictly adhered to and provide dedicated support to any claims that are submitted that there has been a violation.

How long will it take?

About 4 weeks. Once your Project is posted, Round 1 lasts 10 days (during which time you'll be receiving requests) and if you decide to proceed, Round 2 lasts another 10 Days (during which you'll be receiving rough draft submissions). Once you pick your final producer, completing the song varies but usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Can I work with my Final Producer again, off the website?

Of Course! ItyDity encourages the creation of long lasting musical partnerships between artists and our Producers and we would be proud to be considered a sort of test run to see if the partnership can flourish with much more music in the future!

Are there royalty splits?

Offering sound recording royalties to production companies/producers is industry standard, and we take all the grueling and expensive legal work off your hands. One of the major benefits of collaborating through ItyDity is our hassle-free, artist-friendly, built-in collaboration contracts that follow industry standard guidelines, dictating that artists keep 100% of songwriting royalties and 90% of sound recording royalties, with 5% each to the Producer and to ItyDity, for their contributions to the recorded work.

Do I need to professionally record my vocal track to start a Project?

No, you just start out with a quick recording (from your phone is fine). Only if and when you do decide to move into Round 2, will we set you up with an engineer in your local area to professionally record the tracks for your song. Learn more about project rounds here.

Do Artists ever re-record their tracks for their song after they select their Final Producer?

In 90% of cases, the tracks recorded at the start of Round 2 by our engineers are also the tracks that are used in the final production as most Artists and Producers usually decide that there is no need to re-record. HOWEVER, after you select your final Producer, if you and/or the Producer believe that it is in the song's best interest to re-record the tracks together, you can either: 1. Make arrangements to re-record in the producer's studio - with the Artist covering travel costs. In this case the Producer would decide if the re-record would incur additional charges.* 2. Alternatively, if the producer would like the tracks re-recorded, but doesn't need to be in person to do it, the Artist would go back to their engineer to re-record the tracks according to the Producer's requests and suggested specs. Another engineer fee ($100) would need to be paid by the Artist at this time. *Producers are required to let the Artist know whether or not they will charge extra for more recording time, prior to being chosen to move into Round 2.

Can I get my money back?

Yes, most of your money is refundable under the following circumstances: There are three Rounds in every project. The first Round is free. Artists shall pay the Artist Payment of $849 when they enter the second round. To date, every single one of the Artists who have posted a Project on ItyDity have picked and successfully been matched with a Final Selected Producer, have been satisfied with the end result - and we stand behind our ability to provide amazing results for your song. That said, after working with your top picks in Round 2, if you fail to receive a Submission that is up to your satisfaction, and at that point we at ItyDity cannot resolve the issue, 100% of the Producer payout amount will be refunded to you. This means we will still keep our $149 service fee for our time and efforts and your engineer will keep their $100 engineer fee for their time and efforts and you will be refunded the remaining $600 (producer payout). If you keep going, and move into Round 3 with a Final Producer who will then be putting in many hours of work to complete your song, you can no longer request your money back. You can however request that ItyDity work with the Producer to fix any issues you have with the song at that point, and together we will make sure it meets we will make sure you are totally thrilled with the final result. Simply put, the Artist will always leave happy, no matter what. For more information see our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Do Artists keep their Publishing?

ItyDity nor producers are eligible to any Publishing royalties and once a song is complete on ItyDity, Publishing Royalties are owned exclusively by the artist.

What protection and guarantees do you offer with respect to protecting the Artist's song from being stolen?

The artist owns the copyright to their original music and creative ideas - forever and always, from the day they write their song, to the day they post their demo on Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram or ItyDity.