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Can a songwriter choose TWO selected producers to work with in Phase 3?

Yes, they can. And we actually encourage it when a songwriter is torn between sketches (and mandate they do so if the songwriter plans to use any part of a second sketch).


It works as follows:


The songwriter selects one producer to be the lead. This producer will receive the full payout amount at the rate they bid, and will be tasked with mixing and mastering the song. Then, the songwriter can either:

A. Choose 1 or more other producers as co-producers and pay each co-producers an additional amount equal to the full rate they each bid minus $300 (since the co-producers are not tasked with mixing and mastering).  We encourage this if there is a significant portion of another producer's sketch that the songwriter is excited about. *Note that co-producers do will also receive 5% a sound recording royalty on top of the Selected Producer’s five percent (5%) royalty and ItyDity's five percent (5%) royalty, as detailed in Section 2.2 of our terms of use.




B. Instead of selecting co-producers, the songwriter can select only certain elements from non-selected sketches such as the bass line, or horns section, or drums and then pay each corresponding producer $100 for that specific element. This is recommended if the songwriter only likes one or two specific elements of another producer's sketch.


We are pro-active in educating songwriters on these fair practices and we strictly enforce that songwriters follow these guidelines, so that there is no plagiarism or stealing of producers ideas, in order that producers are rightly compensated for their original, unique, and non-obvious ideas. ItyDity will diligently protect both the songwriter and the producer to see to it that our guidelines are strictly adhered to and provide dedicated support to any claims that are submitted that there has been a violation.