Gina Sobel

Charlottesville, VA

Career Highlights / Bio:

Gina Sobel is a flutist, saxophonist and vocalist. She has extensive experience recording and performing her own music as well as doing session work (both remote and in person) for a broad variety of bands like Emancipator (down-tempo electronica), Rickie Simpkins (bluegrass), Cynthia Tremeau (rock ballads), Willie DE (blues), Quiet Fire (jazz/Indian classical fusion), McKinley Dixon (hip hop), Chris Damman/Restroy (free jazz), Chamomile and Whiskey (Americana/Irish), Wytold (contemporary chamber music), Bobby Jasinski (jazz), Krobopl (indie garage rock), Jouwala Collective (Moroccan Gnawa funk fusion), among others. She is know for her improvisation and is also a fluent reader and great sight reader.

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Favorite Artists:

NYC jazz, Vulfpeck, Matt Eakle, Kenny Garrett, Joni Mitchell, The New Mastersounds, Derek Trucks, Herbie Hancock

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