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Accelerate the process of artist discovery

Uncover Your Musical Makeup

Learn which genres, instruments and effects would work for your music and identify what makes you, you.  This accelerates the process of artist discovery and helps you make music that better aligns with your unique blend of tastes.

Pinpoint How Your Music Helps People Feel

Reveal the moods and emotions that your music evokes, as well as imagery and colors that represent these musical characteristics (helpful in building your artist brand)



Get to the root of who you are as an artist

Find Out Who Inspires You

Learn how your favorite artists influence your own musical tastes and trace your influences back in time to reveal who really inspires your unique style

Discover Your Musical Lineage

Trace your musical style back to certain decades and eras to gain a comprehensive understanding of your style and look at your music from a whole new angle.

Your artist identity.

Musical DNA + Musical Ancestry Service


Total reports

Total reports


Genre discovery

Learn which major genres and micro-genres match your style

Instrument discovery

Know which instruments work for your style of music​ (up to 24 instrument categories)

Moods/emotions discovery

Learn which moods and emotions your style of music evokes

Techniques discovery

Know which music production effects and techniques match your tastes

Musical family tree

Know which artists influence your style, tracing back your modern influences to decades past

Decades and era tracing

Trace your style back to certain decades and eras and look at your music from a whole new angle

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