Gain incredible insight into your musical style and personality

Songs are about feelings. Music-&-Me™ gives you tools to make music that's unique and authentic to you, and the language to communicate what you want. 

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Start by unlocking your artist identity and musical DNA

Order Music-&-Me™ -- a stand-alone product to help you make music that sounds like you.

Music-&-Me™ uses a proprietary algorithm that reveals incredible insight into your unique tastes and preferences, delivering a "DNA profile" of your authentic musical style. 

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Music-&-Me™ Reviews

Most recent:

Leah Beck

Wow! So much information!

Commercial music student & Independent artist, Nashville, Tennessee

Music-&-Me™ gave me a quick understanding of my artist brand, something that otherwise can take years to do through traditional and old school methods.

Haley Richmond

Super Valuable!

Independent artist, Birmingham, Alabama

Music-&-Me™ helps a ton with speeding up the process of making quality songs, identifying how to build out my team, and has changed the way I view the creative process.

Justin Duffy

This is a game changer

Independent artist, Ann Arbor, Michigan

After I got my Music-&-Me™ results back, I had so much clarity on who I am as an artist that I was inspired to make a whole new batch of songs within days.

Your artist identity.

what you get:

Total reports

Total reports


Genre discovery

Learn which major genres and micro-genres match your style

Instrument discovery

Know which instruments work for your style of music​ (up to 24 instrument categories)

Moods/emotions discovery

Learn which moods and emotions your style of music evokes

Techniques discovery

Know which music production effects and techniques match your tastes

Musical family tree

Know which artists influence your style, tracing back your modern influences to decades past

Decades and era tracing

Trace your style back to certain decades and eras and look at your music from a whole new angle


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