Here are the Music&Me™ results for:

Hannah Verre

Each artist has a unique blend of musical influences and tastes that merge together to create their own individual sound for their song.  This sound is made up of specific styles, elements, instruments, moods, and emotions. Think of it like your musical DNA.

Your musicandMe™ results unveil these components, helping you understand yourself better as an artist, and what works for your music. It is a useful tool in making your music the way you want it and getting your songs produced in a way that accurately represents you. 

Overall Summary

Because each of these songs (and their parts) are quite different, these results show more of an average of your preferences rather than specifics. The good part of this is that the sky's the limit and so you're free to let the song guide the production. A producer will be valuable to you to help you hone in on your specific preferences for your song.

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These are the colors that represent the core emotions that match your unique tastes and individual style:


refreshing, sophisticated, balanced, serenity


tenderness, deep feeling, freedom, intelligence


romance, calm love, friendship, passivity


cheerfulness, intellect, energy

You also have small bits of these emotions:

Other = 25% (Lavender + White)

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These are the moods that match your unique tastes and individual style:

M2: cheerful, fun, sweet, amiable


M1: passionate, rousing, confident, rowdy


M3: literate, poignant, bittersweet, autumnal