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Find Your Sound Accelerator

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Learn to identify your Artist Sound and make music that sounds more like YOU.

Includes 8 weeks of:

artist-and-sound-development programming, building real relationships with producers & the professional production of one of your songs.

Limited Spots Available By Application Only

Enrollment Closes: October 23, 2022


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My Expertise:

Hi, I'm Emily. My music production company ItyDity has worked with hundreds of artists and producers to help them make music that sounds like them, and I'd like to show you how. In this 8 week hands-on accelerator, I'll teach you...

...How to get the sound you want for your music & know who it is you want to be as an artist.

...How to communicate your sound & vision to producers, and get what you deserve without fear they won't understand you.

...How to be confident in your Artist Sound, and show up as a knowledgeable force in the studio .


...How to know which specific instruments and effects work for YOUR MUSIC, and learn how to combine them to create YOUR OWN ORIGINAL SOUND, without having to know everything about production.

...How to overcome your mental blocks around being a true artist (not just a songwriter).

...How to finally stop working with producers who don't even try to understand you, and only work with people who are a good fit to see REAL results manifest in your music.

...Work with multiple producers to build real relationships and find one who really works with YOU. 


...Complete the production of one of your songs with the producer you like best, and get your song to sound just like YOU.

Find Your Sound Accelerator is your blueprint to achieve all of this, and more.

Limited Spots Available By Application Only

Enrollment Closes: October 23, 2022

What if...

You knew exactly the sound your want for your music and you were able to communicate and articulate your sound to others…

You had total confidence in who you are as an artist and felt completely comfortable and in control when working with producers…

You were able to express your vision for your songs to producers so that they understand and so that you’re not stuck with something you don’t like…


How It Works.

1. You enroll and gain access to the Find Your Sound curriculum.

2. You show up weekly to LIVE video trainings with Emily and Team (2 time slots and recorded video offered so you cannot miss out!) & complete homework assignments with curiosity & wonder...

3. You get connected with our network of 100+ producers and build real relationships with them, including getting different producer sketches of your song.

4. You pick the producer you vibe with most, finish your song, & rock out your whole life, as a new being -- the artist you have always been.  <3

Ready to do this?

Silver Stardust

What's Included?

* Full access to 4 detailed modules of artist and sound development conducted LIVE with Emily and team 1x per week with live Q&A (Want to see the curriculum? Scroll down)

* Homework assignments, access to my proprietary Artist Blueprint™ and Song Blueprint™ technology with hands-on assistance, and 24/7 text, phone and email support

*Massive learning opportunities around production and how to be confident and in control when working with producers

* Building relationships with, and getting sketches of your song from our directory of producers

* The professional production of one of your song, guaranteed to sound like YOU, with Emily and team by your side each step of the way


* BONUS: A special series of LIVE workshops & Q+A with me. Mark your calendars for these dates: (yes, recordings will be available!)

September 26, 2022 - 10:00 am PST

October 6, 2022 - 5:00 pm PST

You in?

Our Specialty: Results.

After songwriters and artists work with me to find their sound, they then find and work with producers (who I connect them to) who are able to understand them and what they want. Listen through songs created through our Accelerator. 

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Learn to identify your Artist Sound and make songs that sound more like YOU.

Find Your Sound Accelerator (FYSA) is an 8-week, step-by-step interactive mentorship and artist development program that helps you define and understand your Artist Sound that you want for your music start, once and for all. It includes building relationships with our producers and professional production of one song, to match your Artist Sound.


Regardless of your past experience, number of songs you've written, or how much production knowledge you have… FYSA is here to give you the methodology to creating a sound that is true to who you are, helping you achieve the sound you're looking for in your recorded music, and living in artistic abundance.


Furthermore... we’re here to turn songwriters into artists.


You’ll LEARN absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about your Artist Sound (how your influences have impacted you, emotional makeup of your music, instruments and effects that work for your sound, your Artist Family Tree, how your sound impacts your Artist Brand, communicating effectively with producers, being confident about what you want, and more) through our detailed 4-week Artist-And-Sound Development Curriculum. Then, you'll spend the next 4 weeks working with producers on your song to make music that sounds true to YOU.


This program is ideal for songwriters & artists who are self-starters. You don't want to get bogged down with overwhelming technicalities, complexity, or more to-do lists.


You desire to get up, shine your light, make music, and give your gift -- with simplicity & ease.

Inside FYSA, we don't force you to learn Garageband, Logic or Pro Tools, or teach you to build boring old drum beats. You don't have to become the producer, but you do get to learn how to be in control of the production, so that when you work with our producers (and/or with any producer in the future) you'll be able to CREATE THE SOUND YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED.


This accelerator (and the results of our clients) will PROVE that...


* You don't need waste money ever again with producers who don't understand you.

* You don't need to become a producer yourself or need Garageband, Logic, etc.

* You don't even need recording equipment or an instrument.

* You don't need to have written the "perfect" song/s and you don't need to be a great singer.


You simply require a METHODOLOGY to understand and communicate who you are as an artist with clarity, and power.


And that’s why we are the #1 Artist-And-Sound Development program for songwriters & artists, and provide unrivaled results in this industry. Scroll down to see for yourself….

Limited Spots Available By Application Only

Enrollment Closes: October 23, 2022

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