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Finally, a guided solution for song production so you can get the song you hear in your head.

Listen to sketches of your song crafted by top producers, then pick your favorite.

Kind of like swiping right!

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 Producer Matchmaking 

Hear what top producers worldwide can do with your song


 Finalized Production 

If you find a producer who gets it just right, finish the song together

 Start Here 

 End Here 


Starts at $750

Your burning Song Production FAQs, answered.

Is ItyDity a work-for-hire contract? Do I keep my copyright? Are there splits?

Working through ItyDity is a work for hire contract. This means, *if* the Artists moves onto Finalized production, and a final producer is chosen, once the selected producer is paid for their services, the artist/songwriter owns 100% of the master recording (product/song) and the artist/songwriter will retain 100% copyright ownership. Working through ItyDity ensures artist-friendly royalty splits that are the same for all artists. This is: artist/songwriter retains 100% songwriting royalties and 90% sound recording royalties. 10% sound recording royalties are split between the selected producer and ItyDity. Please see the terms of use for more details. Sections 1, 2, and 3 especially speak to these items.

Does final production include mixing and mastering?

Final production includes full mixing and mastering of the song.

Is recording my tracks included in Finalized Production?

If and when you proceed with Finalized Production, and if you need an engineer to help you record your vocals and/or your instrument, we will help find a vetted engineer in your area for rate of $150 for a 1-2 hour session.

What happens if I need help along the way?

We are here for you! Included in Producer Matching you receive a free initial meeting plus up to 2 hours of onoging one-on-one time with a dedicated Song Specialist. Meet with your Song Specialist via Zoom, Facetime, phone, text, or email.

Songwriter Reviews

Most recent:


Maya Bennett

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I felt so supported... ityDity really cares.

Songwriter, Denver, Colorado

The producer I picked completely enhanced my song in a way I couldn't have imagined, and that's what I think is the coolest thing about this. The ityDity team is also so supportive during the whole process, so I felt really protected.

Frank Morgan

Frank Morgan

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Wow! This is just SO cool

Songwriter, Fort Collins, Colorado

I've looked for many years for something like ityDity, where we, as artists have an opportunity to post our songs and have them heard by producers around the world who want to work on them. That's just so cool.


Emily Sonne

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Feels so good to FINALLY have my music done right

Songwriter, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I've worked with producers before, but I really liked how on ityDity I got to hear my song in different ways and then pick my favorite one.


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