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Greater variety

Work with all levels of producers 

Expect requests from ~30 producers from beginner to top level

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Get specific

Work with only top level producers 

Expect requests from

~20 top level producers

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Narrow the field

*attract more attention from top tier producers

Work with only mid and top level producers

Expect requests from ~30 mid and top level producers

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not an active artist?

When you use ItyDity to get your song produced you get all of this:

Access to our proprietary artist development process to help you hone your vision

One recording session with a Verified ItyDity Engineer right in your local area

Receive multiple creative concepts for your song from our global community of producers 

Pick your favorite concept and work with your favorite producer to complete the song to perfection

Artist protection and security: retain full copyright and market ready files

Get set up for streaming and download and receive your unique Artist Identity Synopsis™ complete with a list of potential industry opportunities

We promise to be your personal guide and match you with 

the perfect producer, getting song produced to its highest potential, faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. 

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Every Single Time

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