Producer Benefits Packet


ItyDity is free for producers to use!  Get in early to establish a leading presence with our network of artists.

Monthly access to emerging artists and paying clients


Opportunity to connect with, get in front and establish relationships with early emerging artists and paying clients

Opportunity to message artists and explain how you might be able to produce their songs and the direction you could take it

Opportunity to work on actual songs to showcase your abilities and talent to potential clients, and stand out and get hired based on your skills and artistry


Selected Producers get paid $600 & up, per song they are hired to produce plus earn a 5% sound recording royalty

95% of artists who launch a Starter Phase project to get producer feedback, also move through to the Go Pro phase and hire a producer

75% of artists who find a producer on ItyDity go on to work with the producer on an entire EP or album off the site, negotiating their own rates

We help the artist flush our their sound and vision for their song before they even come on the platform, then we give producers a blueprint of which instruments, genres, moods and effects the artist likes best, helping producers understand what the artist wants better and faster and setting collaborations up for success

Our built-in collaboration workflow helps producers express their own ideas and helps them make the artist feel nurtured while keeping projects on track, to avoid miscommunications and projects dragging out

Once a song is complete, we offer add-on marketing assistance to the artist, helping them to get their song out there and to identify potential industry placement opportunities that align specifically with their music, meaning the artist is the given tools to take the song to market

Hear what artists & producers are saying

We match songwriters with producers to test out different styles and find the perfect producer for their song.