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Song Production Blueprint for:

Justin Roth

Each artist has a unique blend of musical influences and tastes that merge together to create their own individual sound for their song.  This sound is made up of specific styles, elements, instruments, moods, and emotions. Think of it like your  song's musical DNA.

Your Song Production Blueprint unveils these components, helping you understand yourself better as an artist, and helping producers understand what you want. It is a useful tool in working with producers and getting your songs produced in a way that accurately represents you. 

Below is the Song Production Blueprint for the song:

Justin Roth


Overall Summary

Your reference songs reveal that you have a strong sense of who you are as an artist - the consummate indie folk artist embracing both the cerebral and the aesthetic musical qualities. All 3 songs point to a decidedly acoustic, melodic, and multi-layered sound. There is a lot going on in each song but the songs aren’t busy - instead, the parts work together more as a single entity. And though the songs are straight-forward and real, there’s room given to interesting sounds and experimentation.

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These are the colors that represent the core emotions that match this artist's unique tastes and individual style:


wholesomeness, reliability, earthiness, warmth


romance, calm love, friendship, passivity


nature, harmony, growth, fertility, safety


energy, aggressiveness, action, anger

You also have small bits of these emotions:

Other = 25% (Blue + Black)

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These are the moods that match this artist's unique tastes and individual style:

M3: literate, poignant, bittersweet, autumnal


M5: aggressive, fiery, tense, anxious, intense