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Alex Hayes

Brooklyn, NY


Career Highlights / Bio

Producer and session bassist from Brooklyn NY. I have a studio in Park Slope where I produce, teach and record for different artists and companies around the world. I've toured internationally playing and singing, but my favorite place is in a pair of headphones, helping artists bring their ideas to life. As a lifelong lover of all music, I've had an eclectic career; studying bass with Victor Wooten as a teenager, singing in all-state choirs, attending a musical theatre conservatory, playing bass in genres spanning from 9-piece funk bands to world music to singer-songwriters; teaching the bass program for Yousician, a music learning app in Finland with 25 million users in 154 countries, scoring a musical, music directing bands and singers in NYC...I'm hard pressed to find musical endeavors that I don't enjoy.I've had many years of writing and arranging experience. I specialize in building entire tracks from small ideas. I'm a multi-instrumentalist with endorsements from Warwick, DR Strings and Dave Smith Instruments. Writing horn and string parts for singer-songwriters, making the right chord progressions for a song, creating melodies or exploring harmony, and coming up with creative solutions to writing blocks for artists are some of the things I have a lot of experience with. I also have the resources to put together a talented team of live musicians for a record, and the vocabulary to distill abstract ideas into concrete musical and engineering choices. I love working on the performance side of things, but I also spend a lot of time behind the console mixing and editing audio, and doing sound design.


Jeff Buckley, Jill Scott, Ben Harper, Flying Lotus, Paris Monster, DJ Shadow, Banks, Boards of Canada