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Christopher Pinon

Madison, WI


Career Highlights / Bio

Christopher Matthew Pinon is an audio engineer, composer, and educator. He showed interest in playing a string instrument at the age of nine. Since then he has been classically trained in various string instruments; viola being his primary instrument. Christopher then ventured off to write his own music at the age of thirteen. He created his first symphonic piece, “Vincent”, at the age of seventeen.

Christopher Pinon went on to achieve his degree in Music from the University of North Texas. Due to his extensive experience and education, he was able to hone his multi-instrumental skills and learned to compose different styles of music from traditional art to mainstream media. Currently, Christopher focuses on teaching music, producing music, compositions, and commercials for his clients.


Marlon Roudette,Tool, A Perfect Circle, Stravinsky, Bach, Dessa, Bliss N Eso, Hill Top Hoods, Linkin Park, Junior Senior, U2, and much much much more.