Enrico Tiberi

Berlin, Germany


Career Highlights / Bio

Italian music producer and sound engineer based in Berlin. I get the production from start (recording, session musician, production) to the end (mixing, mastering). I've studied with Tchad Blake (Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, Peter Gabriel) and have worked with a lot of genres, mainly Electronica, Metal, Rock, HipHop & Indie. I am a mixer, record producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist and have worked with a wide range of independent clients over the past 10 years. I've studied with Tchad Blake (Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, Black Keys, Peter Gabriel) and from film scoring to death metal a good amount of collaborations and works have been done since 2005. I have also written songs for famous Italian bands (I Nomadi). I love sounds that are fat, big, gritty, dark, and loud and often assist musicians from songwriting to mastering. I play classical and electric guitar, piano and synths, bass and sing, am very skilled in editing/triggering/reamping, and own my own studio for mixing and mastering.


Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Converge, The Beatles, Björk, James Blake, I Hate Models, Fka Twigs, Sohn


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