Jake Birch

Missoula, MT


Career Highlights / Bio

I am a mixer, producer, and composer of music, dialogue, and underscore. I have worked across many genres, media, and styles, having accrued significant experience in the field. Of late, my work has predominantly been within Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, and R&B. I do everything from ground up production and writing, taking what may be a piece of an idea and working with the artist to turn it into a finished record, to sweetening dialogue or helping to put the finishing touches on a mix. Every project I work on is different. Each gets the attention a tailor or designer would pay to the manufacture of a custom suit. My productions and mixes are largely in the box. I find the consistency, reliability, and recallability of a DAW to be a source of comfort in the weeds of the creative process. I work in Pro Tools, but am set up to handle Logic and Ableton sessions if a project calls for it. In addition to a treasure chest of instruments, a trust-worthy monitoring setup, high end microphones, and rock-solid conversion I'm stocked with hundreds of plugins, including favorites from Fab Filter, Waves, Native Instruments, U-He, Sound Toys, UAD, iZotope, Valhalla DSP, Good Hertz, and Slate, among others. Recording technology has come a long way and I'm set up for and used to remote collaboration. As long as there is internet, you can join me in my studio, wherever you may be. I’m currently in Montana working with musicians, making beats, writing, producing and enjoying the view, one login away from everywhere.


Max Martin, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Cornelius, PC Music, Brian Eno, Jon Brion, Lorde, The Weeknd