Jason Haag

Los Angeles, CA


Career Highlights / Bio

From his studio located in Los Angeles, California, Jason Haag, an award-winning Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Producer and Audio Engineer, has established himself as a valuable resource for artists, both established and new to the music industry. With production experience across almost all musical genres and platforms, his boundless creativity, professionalism, and technical abilities have made him one of the most sought after artists in the business today.

A classically trained pianist with a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music, Jason has had production opportunities at some of the most incredible facilities in the country, including Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Interscope Studios in Santa Monica, California as well as Capitol Records, in the heart of Hollywood (to name a few). In addition, he has collaborated with countless Grammy-winning entertainers, toured with emerging bands and artists, and recently completed composing and mixing several projects exclusively for sync-licensing applications in major commercial advertisements.

Through his extensive experience in the music industry, Jason has learned to approach every project with extreme attention to detail and finesse, ultimately creating a final product that is not only commercially competitive, but alive with the highest level of musicality, emotion, movement and dynamics.


Billy Joel, Vance Powell, Chris Lorde Alge, Muse, Kesha