Jonah Brockman

Ann Arbor, MI


Career Highlights / Bio

Jonah Brockman started out as a touring & session multi-instrumentalist in the 90s. He was signed to November8 Recordings as a songwriter/producer and later as solo recording artist in the 2000s. Brockman has been a freelance producer full time since 2009. Usually playing on each record he produces, Brockman is hands on, but not a tyrant and believes the final product must be an accurate reflection of his client's artistry first and foremost.


Josh Homme, T Bone Burnett, Sufjan Stevens, Blue October



Video introduction

Songs created on ItyDity

QuicksandElyse Miller
00:00 / 00:49

Credit: Producer

Don't Go TonightMichelle Roderick
00:00 / 00:51

Credit: Producer

Carpet. CoveredMaya Bennett
00:00 / 00:49

Credit: Producer

One Kiss MoreBella Musser
00:00 / 00:49

Credit: Producer



Jonah completely enhanced my song in a way I couldn't have imagined. I have gone on to work on more songs with Jonah and feel I now have a creative partner in this musical journey.

Maya Bennett


I searched for many years before finding a producer who understood me like Jonah. He's completely professional, gifted and talented and a joy to work with.

Michelle Roderick


Jonah added these cool colors and textures and I just could not be happier with how my song turned out. Jonah is such a nice person. Now we are making a whole album together.

Elyse Miller


Jonah was someone who I really felt understood what I was going for. He added horns to my production, which really set it apart. The final product was very professional and the song has landed playlist placement!

Bella Musser