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Matty Amendola

Brooklyn, NY


Career Highlights / Bio

Talented, versatile and uniquely-determined, Matty has been playing drums professionally since the age of 13, has recorded on a countless number of albums, released several of his own and has quickly become a recognized producer and songwriter. In 2008, he started music incubator, 825 Records, Inc., delivering material from a wide-ranging roster of artists (Katie Lee, Fleet Walker, The Lovegoods, Jay Shepard). He has landed world-wide broadcast licensing placements, developed dozens of independent artists from the ground-up and recorded and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry including Adam Levine and Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble. Matty also owns 825 Records' studio in Brooklyn, NY which hosts an hybrid SSL console, an extensive mic locker, and Matty's personal collection of new and vintage instruments.

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The Beatles and everyone else