Michael Ingvarson

Australia, Victoria


Career Highlights / Bio

Music production is my passion. I love the challenge, the collaboration and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with being part of a record that sounds great and fulfils the artist and me aesthetically.

I have many years experience in taking songs from a simple idea to a finished product. I have at times played all the instruments (apart from guitars) required, or at other times I have recorded session musos or full bands. Being a musician helps when mixing as well, I believe, and I enjoy that headspace too. I recently won an international Puremix mixing competition. I also compose and co-write songs with artists. Sometimes singers arrive with just lyrics and some melody and I do the rest! My studio has been acoustically treated with a stack of Real Traps so my monitoring (mostly Pelonis Model 42s with sub) is very accurate. I have high quality mics, preamps, converters and the best virtual instruments and plug-ins around.

Enough about me though! I'm all about giving the client a great product they are really happy with. So I will often work alongside them or liaise and communicate often via the internet. At the same time, I like to push the boundaries of where the production can go. With a little risk comes great sonic rewards and my clients are frequently surprised at how far we can take their original ideas. This unique approach to production can bring a point of difference for them in the market place.


Ken Calait (Fleetwood Mac), George Martin, Timberland, Quincy Jones, Brian Wilson, Martin Sjølie, Gotye, Kimora,


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