Robert Ruby

Hollywood, CA


Career Highlights / Bio

Hi! I'm a multi-instrumentalist and an expert in melodies, chords, and writing and arranging in different classic genres. I work in a professional recording studio in Burbank and I record singers, track instrumental overdubs, and mix in house.

Let's work together! My strengths:

Songwriting. I have written dozens of songs in a variety of classic styles.

Production. I work in a professional recording space, with top-of-the-line and vintage recording gear. I have a diverse collection of instruments (including typical guitar/bass/drums/piano, accordion, obscure folk instruments like mandolin and bouzouki, and vintage organs) as well as industry standard brass, strings, and orchestral libraries, I can turn any musical idea into a beautiful reality. I do all of my tracking and mixing in-house. I have a great vocal mic.

Arranging. I can create dense, layered, yet inviting and harmonious arrangements, combining vintage and modern equipment and sounds.

Music Theory. I am knowledgeable about the way music is created in many genres. Rock, pop, classic rock and pop, jazz, blues, folk, country, soul, Americana, roots, and more.

Creativity. I have traveled around America, Europe and Africa. My music is influenced by the sights, sounds, and cultures of all my experiences. I can find the agreements between disparate ideas and influences, and help come up with something familiar yet fresh.

Some of my most exciting projects: working on the soundtrack of a game to be released on all major consoles in Q3 2018; commissioned to compose, arrange, and orchestrate songs for two musicals in development; recorded folk and Americana bands; created an original soundtrack for a theatrical production; composed and produced a soundtrack for a theatrical production; organized two charity concerts to raise money for good causes.


Beatles, Ramones, Bowie, Gin Blossoms, Smiths, Cream