Shrai Pradhan

Mumbai, India


Career Highlights / Bio

I am a Music Producer from Mumbai, India. I have produced various tracks ranging from House, Trap, Hip-hop, Trance, Bollywood, Punjabi, Bhangra, etc. I have had multiple worldwide releases under various international record labels including Future Records, IbizaStereo, etc. I have worked with various artists across the globe. In today's setting, many of the older producers really haven't been able to get out of their mould and produce something which is engaging to the newer audience. For instance, some might say the infusion of trap music is becoming prevalent in the pop genre. Also, the use of vocal chops for drops has also seen an upswing. These are the kind of things I keep a tab on. I can help you get the right kind of sound. I can create a track for you which will be current and trending. I know I can produce a track for you which WILL really sell! YOU want to make a name in this industry. Let ME help you do it!


Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Charlie Puth