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Things That Are True

John Shoemaker 
Saratoga Springs, NY
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Things That Are TrueJohn Shoemaker
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Written Description:

As a listener I’m drawn to a wide array of production styles, from totally stripped down to highly produced. But for many of the songs I’m looking to have produced I feel an acoustic vibe with tasteful enhancements might be the best approach. Ideally, I would want to be able to play the song live without it being awkwardly different from the studio version. I’m open to and interested in exploring the use of effects, but I’m not interested in trying things just for the sake of being different. Sometimes what makes something sound fantastic to me are the subtle aspects. I’m extremely sensitive to the style of effects and how something is mixed, and I find the whole production process to be mind blowing due to the infinite possibilities. To get a song to settle into just the right spot, with everything balanced so that the performance, instrumentation and treatments collaborate to make it complete is a high art. I find myself listening to favorite songs and being amazed how they seem to be so perfectly done, as though they had already somehow existed and the artists, engineers, and producers were just simply rediscovering them and then moving them around to put them back into the exact groove already made for them. How did they find the right mix on vocal effects? What led them to choose that guitar sound. How did they know to choose that microphone? To me, when all those details come together to get a song  to that place of being fully expressed, it’s an amazing achievement.


My intention is to release many songs in the years to come, so I am looking to build lasting relationships with top notch professionals who can help me bring my songs to life for others to hear in the best light possible. My songs cover a wide range of topics, sometimes personal, such as with this song, and other times more socially relevant. They can be humorous and playful or representative of the more serious side of life. For example, I recently wrote a silly song about the quirks of life while being stuck at home during the pandemic and then turned around and wrote an intense protest song inspired by the George Floyd incident. So, I am looking for a producers(s) who is/are similarly versatile and balanced. If you fit that description and my song “Things That Are True” has connected with you then I would love to hear from you. All the best,  John


Likes: I like pretty much everything about this song.

Dislikes: It seems to work for the song, although I just thought I'd mention that the vocals seem a bit tinny, and I don't hear that for my song.

Likes: I like the keys, effects and mood of this song.  I love the vocals on this song and the beautiful simplicity. 

Dislikes: While I like the simplicity of this song, I hear my song having production that probably builds a bit more than this one does. 

Likes: I like pretty much everything about this song.  I like the way the song builds organically and has power but still retains a beautiful subtlety. 

Dislikes: Nothing

Selected producer payout: 

$600 + R% sound recording royalties*

*If the artist moves into the Go Pro Phase

Project status:



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This project is open to producers everywhere.

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