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16-Year-Old Blues/Folk Artist Seeking Producer

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Carpet Covered - Demo no longer available - Project completeMaya Bennett


Hello, I'm looking for a producer to produce my song, "Carpet Covered". The along with vocals and guitar, I would like to hear horns and and ideally, I'd really like to have some upright bass added by the producer. I could also possibly hear some light strings being added. I really want to keep it simple and raw. As you'll notice, there is no BPM for this song. We recorded two different live takes and so there are two different folders for tracks. It is my hope that each producer pick their favorite take to work on. I like parts of both, and am open to either version. 


I love the raw nature of this song as well as the slight undertones of other instruments, although I would love the horns to be more prominent.

I love the horns in this song and simple nature of it while at the same time it manages to deliver a complex emotion.


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