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Teen Folk Artist Seeks Producer


Producer payout: $600

See full payout package details at the bottom of this page.
Jacqui Morgan
Greeley, CO
days left to submit:

Project Details


La La Land - Demo no longer available - Project completeJacqui Morgan


I want this song to have a more folksy feel to it, and maybe just a touch of pop. I want a more natural, or earthy sound. Not synthetic.


I like that bright sunny sound in this song. The vibe is so great, it's fun to listen to. And the percussion is just right. The bass is nice too.

I love the acoustic feel of this song. The natural and clean sound is very appealing. The bass is also nice.


Payout package:

$600 +

This Payout Package Includes:

The selected producer will receive $600 upon completion of the song. Additionally, if, and only if, the song goes on to reach "commercial success" (defined as generating more than $10k) then the winning producer will also be eligible to begin receiving 3% of the sound recording royalties from the song. For more on this see clause 2.2-2.3 of our terms of service. 


All projects require that the final selected producer is responsible to provide any additional instrumentation to the song as requested by the artist, either themselves or by contracting out a 3rd party to do so at no additional cost to the artist.

All projects also require that the selected producer is responsible to perform the tasks of mixing and mastering as part of a whole and complete production job and each selected producer in a project is held responsible to mix and master the song to radio quality standards as part of the production. See more details here.

Upon completion of the song, expected deliverables to the artist from the selected producer include a mastered mix, unmastered mix, TV/film mix (lowered vocals), and an instrumental mix.

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