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1. Post a quick demo of your song (recorded into your phone, computer or at home microphone is totally fine).

2. Include a quick description outlining how you envision your song to sound and list some musical references.

3. Then, sit back as our global community of professional producers pitch for their chance to produce your song.

You pay nothing to get started, period. That said, upon making your listing, you'll still need to select how much you'd be willing to pay for the right producer. This way, from the very start you can attract the right amount of requests from the right type of producer.

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No hidden or additional fees, ever.

ItyDity doesn't charge you anything to work through ItyDity. We keep a $149 commission from producers for jobs and they are happy to pay this commission because they get connected to great songwriters, increased support and verified reviews which bring them more opportunities. All packages also cover our one time studio engineer fees.


Greater variety

Work with mid level of producers 

Expect requests from ~20 mid level producers

Money back guarantee


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Get specific

Work with only top level producers 

Expect requests from

~12 top level producers

Money back guarantee



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*attract more attention from top tier producers

Work with mid and top level producers

Expect requests from ~20 mid and top level producers

Money back guarantee


We're so confident that you'll love your new radio-ready song, that we even offer a Money Back Guarantee.

You don't pay until and unless you get requests from producers you love.

*Get started for free. If you do end up choosing to move forward into Round 2 to work with your top picks, only then will we contact you for the full package payout amount.
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