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Effective as of November 21, 2017 offers a Money Back Guarantee payment structure. 








To date, every single one of the Artists who have posted a project on ItyDity have picked and successfully been matched with a final selected producer, and we stand behind our ability to provide amazing results for your song.


That said, our Money Back Guarantee payment structure dictates that after working with their top picks in Round 2, shall any Artist fail to receive a Submission that is up to their satisfaction, 100% of the Contract fee (Producer payout amount) will be refunded (meaning we will still keep our $149 service fee for our time and efforts and your engineer will keep their $100 engineer fee for their time and efforts and you will be refunded the rest which will vary from $600-$2,200 depending on the package you chose).  So although it is our hope that you find the right producer for your song, if you don't, don't sweat it. For more on this see our terms of service.

Note: Once your project moves into Round 3, and you begin to work closely with your final selected producer to complete the song to perfection, your project then becomes guaranteed, meaning you can no longer ask for a refund.

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