Songwriter Services and Pricing

Finally, a guided solution to take the confusion and risk out of professional song recording so you can get the song you hear in your head.

STEP TWO:  Produce your Song


Pay for STEP TWO when you're ready to move forward 

Work with your selected producer to transform your song.

Get a professionally produced recording of the song you hear in your head

Music-&-Me™ Musical DNA report


A proprietary AI algorithm and report that identifies your musical DNA, traits, and ancestry.

An essential tool for all songwriters.

Additional Song Support Bundles

Most artist feel satisfied with the above services. Some artists ask for additional support, so we provide a variety of add-on bundles:

Dedicated Song-Success Manager

Distribution & Royalty Accounting

Marketing Opportunity & Placement Matching

Record full length EP or album

STEP ONE:  Find an ideal Producer Match


Start by talking with an ItyDity Song Specialist. We’ll help you create a Song Blueprint™

Post a smart-phone recording of your song on the platform

Producers from around the world listen.  Those who like your song reach out (kind of like a swiping right!)

You work with your favorites to hear what each producer can do with your song. See what we mean

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