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Information about Sound Recording Royalties

What are sound recording royalties?

Sound recording royalties are the most basic royalties that artists get paid every time their master recording is downloaded (on iTunes, Beatport, etc.) or streamed (on Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.). It is typical that when an artist collaborates with a producer on a song, that the artist agrees to share some of this sound recording royalty income with the producer. These royalties are paid out to the artist and producer by whichever distribution company (Tunecore, CDBaby) the artist chooses to register the song with before posting to Spotify, Itunes, ect.

How are sound recording royalties split?

Offering sound recording royalties to production companies/producers is industry standard, and we take all the grueling and expensive legal work off your hands. One of the major benefits of collaborating through ItyDity is our hassle-free, artist-friendly, built-in collaboration contracts that follow industry standard guidelines, outlining that songwriters/artists keep 100% of songwriting royalties and 90% of sound recording royalties, with 10% sound recording royalties split between your final producer and ItyDity, for their contributions to the recorded work. 

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