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Develop your sound with ItyDity & receive an advanced remote review of your music using Source Elements software

Here's everything you get...

Develop your sound, discover your musical DNA, and snag your Industry Blueprint with

Pinpoint your unique musical style and personality, to better understand yourself and grow even more as a musician

  • 25+ musical trait reports including major genres, micro genres, moods, emotions, and more...

  • Know which instruments, effects and techniques match your tastes (40+ reports)

  • Artist Family Tree: Know which artists influence your style, tracing back your modern influences to decades past

  • See which potential industry opportunities match your style, from playlists to blogs to film/TV placements

($249 value)


  • Discover which producers/collaborators around the globe are a good match for you using ItyDity's proprietary musical matchmaking algorithm

A one hour remote mix and/or production review session of your home recording, demo, or rough or pro mix

  • Based on your ItyDity musical DNA results, we can provide powerful feedback to help you achieve the sound you're looking for.  

  • This review session will take place using Source Elements software the world's most comprehensive audio and video collaboration tool (you do not need to have this software yourself in order to receive this advanced review). 

Depending on your needs and stage, the session may include feedback on: 

  • Which elements and instruments might be added to your song to bring out your unique style?

  • Is there misuse, overuse, or absence of effects?

  • Are the vocals showcased enough in the mix, and what adjustments can be made to the EQ?

  • Does the spatial and dimensional placement sound right? 

  • And more...

($299 value)

One Winner will be chosen each day to receive both prizes!

($548 total value)

Who this giveaway is for...

Songwriters/artists at all levels of home recording and self-producing from beginner to advanced

Songwriters/artists who are looking to work with professional producers to make their songs market-ready

Producers and/or mix engineers looking to improve and develop their skills

Music professionals at all levels curious about improving their remote collaboration abilities to work more efficiently

The world's most comprehensive audio and video collaboration tool

Develop your sound & match with top producers to create market-level songs that stand out