Professional and Relaxed Recording Environment

Eric Clayton Reid

Greeley, Colorado


Hardware / Outboard

Mac Pro 12 Core 64GB Ram
Avid HD OMNI/HD 16 x 16 Analog
Avid Native HD Thunderbolt
Api 3124V
Api 2500
Avalon 737sp
2-Avalon M5's
Universal Audio 6176
Manley Force
Kemper Profiling Amp
2-Neumann U87 Ai
Neumann TLM 103
Shure SM7b, 57's, 58's, Beta 52
3-Sennheiser MD421 ll
AKG D112
Akia Pro MPK49
Sansamp RBI, RPM
JBL 4328P's (Sub)
Avatone MixCubes
Peterson StroboTuner
Taylor 314CE
Gibson Les Paul Sudio
Fender Jazz Delux 4 string Bass
Ibanez SR605
Cirrus 4 string Bass

Plug Ins / Software

Protools: 12.8 HD
Sound Toys : 5 Bundle
Fab Filter :
ProL, ProMB, ProDS,ProQ2, Saturn
Steven Slate : Everything Bundle
Celemony : Melodyne 4 Studio
Synchro Art : Revoice Pro 3
Native Instruments : Komplete 11
Izotope : RX 6
Ozone 7 Advanced
Neutron Advanced
Nectar 2
Trash 2,
Vocal Synth
Stutter Edit
Eventide : BlackHole, Ultra Tap
East West : Symphonic Choir, Symphonic Strings
Drumagog : 5 Platinum
Slate Slate Drums : Tigger 2
Waves : C4, Codex, La2a, 1176, Waves Tune, Kramer Master Tape, PuigChild Compressor, Greg Wells Bundle, CLA Bundle


I built this studio in a large white barn. Everything was designed from the ground up with acoustics and comfort in mind. The lighting can be changed making any mood possible for whatever the vibe of the song may be. The gear is the very same thats in every major recording studio. Its all stuff I've worked with in the past and purchased selectively from what i liked most. In this studio I have worked on tracks for national and local artists and had artists from other states repeatedly come back to this spot to record. I do this full time so this spot is something I'm stuck in for many hours of the day. Acoustics play a large role in how fast i can work so I had this room professionally tuned for more accurate listening environment.

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