Top Notch Recording Studio On The Hills Of Austin

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Jesse Rodriguez

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Austin, Texas


Shure SM7B, 2 U87's, 2 TLM 103's, 5 SM57's, CM7.

Avalon and Voxbox preamp (My personal favorites) but Neve, Vintech, and UA's also available.


Top quality recording studio with top quality view of the city of Austin. Two different ISO booths, a live room, and 3 control rooms with high end gear and engineer to help you get the sound you want.

Start-Your-Project on ItyDity to get your song produced, and we'll arrange a recording session with one of our Verified ItyDity Engineers. Either request a specific engineer/studio from our directory, or let us pick the perfect one for you.

Getting your song produced on ItyDity includes:

Fixed pricing packages starting at $849 per song

All inclusive of a recording session with a Verified ItyDity Engineer right in your local area

Receive multiple creative concepts for your song from our global community of producers

Work with your favorite producer to complete the song to perfection

Retain full copyright and market ready files