La Ventre de la Baleine recording studio in Paris

Joshua Hudes

Paris, France


Neumann monitors, Yamaha MSP5 monitors, Sontronics Saturn Microphone, Vintage Api pre-amps, GAP Neve 1073 Clone, UAD Apollo 8, UAD Apollo Twin, Joe Meek 6QAvid Eleven, Large collection of mics, Orange amps, Mesa Boogie dual rectifier, Ampeg amps, Large collection of effects pedals, Roland JP8000, Yamaha DX21 and many other synthesisers, Large choice of guitars and instruments, Cubase 11, Maschine, Protools 10 + 11,


Cubase 11 equipped studio in the north-east of Paris, I have everything needed (and the skills) to record a complete band live with 26 channel recording on a top of the range UAD Apollo converters.

I'm a british producer living and working in Paris. I produce bands in my studio in the north east of Paris (19 years experience). I also write, write arrange and produce songs for clients often using some of the best session musicians in Paris. I also program and arrange all the awesome sounding synths and drum machines that you need. You need me because I have real taste and a vision for each project.

I'm a music producer that can really take a project where it needs to go. I believe projects need producers who understand how to develop and write songs. I know how to capture and record the right sound for the required vibe. I live and breath music so I know instinctively what sound you're going for and what the song needs in order to connect with it's audience.I am also able to hire the right musicians to take the project to where it needs to be if you're aiming to compete at the very highest level. My style is often a fusion of techniques, mixing modern technology, synths, samples, drum machines, guitar effects, re-amping, synth programming with old school recording techniques and real instruments.

My goal is to deliver high quality tracks that will be competitive with commercial releases in the same genre or style - in essence, a fully finished product. I'm not happy with the result until you are! I can work with many budget levels.

Services include:
-Vocal recording and production.
-Full band recording.
-Producing, mixing, mastering, editing, comping, drum alignment/replacement etc.
-Live guitar, bass, keys, real acoustic drums specifically for your song or project.
-Songwriting collaboration and lyric writing.
-Soundtrack composition
-Sound Design, interactive music and video game sound integration using Wwise.

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