Adaptable Mobile Recording Studio

Shane Zweygardt

Fort Collins, CO


Logic 9, Logic X, Zoom H6 Field Recorder, Tascam 234 4-Track Recorder, Tascam 388 Studio 8-Track Tape Recorder, Zoom L-20 Digital Mixer/Recorder, Adams P-11A, Radial Vocoloco, Sytek mpx-4aii, Warm Audio WA-412, Warm Audio WA73-EQ, Akg D112, Audix D6, Shure 55s, Sennheiser 421n, Sennheiser 421 u-5, Sennheiser 441, Coles 4038, EV N/D 967, EV 636, EV 635a, Shure SM57, Shure Unidyne 545, Shure Beta 91A, Shure 520DX "Green Bullet", Shure SM7b, Beyerdynamic M160, Audio Technica ATM25, Oktava MJE 219, Oktava MK-012, Warm Audio WA-47, Warm Audio WA-47jr, Warm Audio WA-87, Western Electric 630a, Warm Audio WA76, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo, Strymon Deco, Death By Audio Echo Master, Cooper FX Generation Loss, Cooper FX Outward, Mantic Proverb, Mantic Isaiah, Mantic Courtesy Flusher, Mantic Axiom, Mantic Third Man Flex Pedal, TC Helicon E1 Delay, Shoe Pixel Fix Pedal, Tech21 Sansamp Classic, Yamaha SPX90, Boss DC2W Dimension C, Boss RE-20 Space Echo, EHX Bass Mono Synth, Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Amp, Roland Juno 60, Roland Juno 106, Roland Sh01a, Moog Grandmother, Oberheim DSI OB-6 Module, Korg Monologue, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha Reface CP, Arturia Drumbrute, Roland TR-08, Roland SPD-SX, Roland TR8s, Teenage Engineering PO-33, Teenage Engineering PO-35, Roland SP-404SX, Roland SP-303, Ludwig, Tama, Pearl, Mapex, Leedy, Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Etc......


I am a drummer. I love capturing song ideas quickly and easily. I try to focus on always using a simple mobile setup because inspiration and creativity should be allowed to happen anywhere. I don't like stressing out an artist. Capture the ghost before it is gone.

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