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Sleeping Beauty

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Bid your own rate between $600-$1000 + receive 5% sound recording royalty

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Sleeping Beauty Deidre
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Written Description:

I would like my song to sound really dark and haunting. I would like a heavy slow beat to help compliment the lyrics since there are a lot of words. Thank you!

Reference Songs:

Non Believer

London Grammar


nope I love everything about this song


nope I love everything about this song

Hell to the Liars

London Grammar


I love the strings in this song and how beautiful the progression is in the production. I want to go for a haunted dark sound and have some beautiful eerieness like this in my songs beginning to show the transformation of the well-known Disney story that gets twisted throughout the song. I loved the drum progression starting at 2:40 and on from the chorus. I think something similar could work in the bridge or even chorus.


This song is a lot lighter for what I'm going for The beginning I'm not a fan of because my song needs to be very dark and strong throughout. Everything before minute 2:40 don't pay attention to.

Take me to Church



I love the drum progression on the chorus.


I'm not a fan of anything before the first chorus.

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Sunday August 8th 2021

@ 11:59 PM EST

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