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Shores of Hope

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$600 + receive 5% sound recording royalty

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Shores of HopeMariam-Saba
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Written Description:

I'm a spiritual healer in the Islamic traditions, so the principles I want to promote through my music business/art is Beauty, Truth, Love. Ultimately I hope to support the listener to turn back to the divine (as they understand it). I want this song to sound beautiful, first and foremost. I'm hearing something ambient pop arena, with symphonic whisperings. I am totally open to Celtic influences or colorings. I hear this song building. The first verse is meeting the listener where they are at, sad, lost in thoughts and stuck going in circles in their head over something. Musically I want to lead them on an emotional journey to get them to break free and realize they can move forward, with the hint, the key is forgiveness - that's their way out of their stuck place. Steps I see, guided by the lyrics and my intentions:

Verse1: contemplative, empathetic, sad, connection - you are seen, known and witnessed here
Chorus1: gentle nudging with foreshadowing of hope
Verse2: gentle - wake up, look around
Chorus2: Encouraging, a little more hopeful or continued foreshadowing of hope
Bridge: Empowering. This is your choice
Chorus3: You've got this. Encouraging. Outright hopeful.

Possible outro: Forgiveness is your life boat/gently float to shores of hope.

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Friday, July 23rd 2021

@ 11:59 PM EST

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