Record full length EP or album

$30/month for one year +

Producer rate per song

Create a full album with the perfect producer for each song

Collaboration Portal Access

Built in copyright & royalty contract protection

Dedicated Production Assistant

Ability to receive sketches from producers for each song before choosing your favorite

Many artists want to go to create more than one song. With the yearly subscription songwriters get access to all the ItyDity perks like legal protection, artist development and help resolving any issues along the way - to make each song the best it can possibly be!

Here's everything included in

your Full Album Subscription

what you get:

Total reports

A Song Blueprint™ for every song

Your vision and stylistic approach might be different for each song.  Make sure you are capturing the mood and style of each one.  Get a Production Blueprint™ made for each of your songs.  See an example of what a Song Blueprint™ looks like.

Yearly access to Collaboration Portal

ItyDity's proprietary portal guides each step of the process to ensure a positive and optimal experience for every single one of your songs.

All the legal work done for you!

Working on ItyDity means you're protected by our built-in contracts and you keep full ownership each of your songs. You always keep 100% of your copyright. 

A Production Assistant (up to 5 hours personalized expert assistance per month)

to help you in any number of ways you need support from: refining your vision for your music to helping you communicate with your producers and resolve any potential issues.

As many songs as you'd like

The yearly Album Subscription doesn't limit you to a finite number of songs.  You will need to pay your final producer for each song, but it is always just $30/ month for all the benefits listed here, no matter how many songs you choose to do throughout the year.

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