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Find Your Sound Accelerator

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Founding Memberships go on sale

Wed, August 23rd

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 Only 50 Founding Memberships Available!! 


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Learn to identify your Artist Sound and make music that sounds more like YOU.

When you sign up to work with us, we’ll start off with assessments to understand your goals. From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps:

Find Your Sound Accelerator
8-week program

Learn The Core Principles Of What Makes Up Your Sound: a deep dive into exactly how you've been impacted by your own musical influences.

Crystalize who you are as an artist: get your Artist Sound Blueprint™ & discover which styles, genres, instruments, effects, & emotional components go into your unique & authentic sound.

Understand Your Genres & Speak the Language of Producers: Create your Artist Sound Library learn the terminology to describe what you want.

Craft your Artist Story & learn how to convey your authentic self through your Artist Sound & Brand.

Create your Artist Style Guide and Brand Identity Handbook, piecing together the visual aspect of your sound, known as your “Artist Image” & “Brand Story”.

Get your Content Creation Guide to easily & consistently create social media content that’s authentic to you.

Pull it all together with your Artist Mastery Guide™.

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Founding Memberships go on sale

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What if...

You knew exactly the sound your want for your music and you were able to communicate and articulate your sound to others…

You had total confidence in who you are as an artist and felt completely comfortable and in control when working with producers…

You were able to express your vision for your songs to producers so that they understand and so that you’re not stuck with something you don’t like…


What My Clients Are Saying

After songwriters and artists work with me to find their sound, they then find and work with producers (who I connect them to) who are able to understand them and what they want. Listen through songs created through our Accelerator. 

Amy Testimonial
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Amy Gardner // Artist

Los Angeles, CA

"There's tons of music that I enjoy, but now I'm able to differentiate the kind of music that I want to make. I feel like I'm so much more prepared to move forward and have a clear vision for my artistic expression."