Best original song by a female artist CHALLENGE


#WomenCrush Music

Deadline: Nov. 15, 2018
Submit a SIMPLE RECORDING/ROUGH DEMO of a song you've written and win the opportunity to work with top producers on ItyDity and have your song transformed into a fully produced, market ready track! 
*Songs that are already fully or almost fully produced will not be accepted.
current submissions: 113


ItyDity x #WomenCrush Music 

Best original song challenge

About This Challenge:

This challenge is only open to female residents of the United States and Canada.

Help us celebrate our partnership with #WomenCrush Music with a publicly voted challenge to find the best songs by female songwriters in the nation. In addition to sharing ItyDity’s mission to empower songwriters and artists, #WomenCrush Music is a fast growing non-profit organization with showcases and workshops supporting women songwriters in over 12 major metro areas across the U.S. 

Please keep in mind that we are not looking for songs in any particular style, genre, or format and hope to have a wide selection of songs that are authentically written for the public to vote on. Additionally, there is no expectation on the quality of the recording of the song, and can simply be recorded with your smart phone or home recording gear with just your instrument and voice. Songs that are already fully or almost fully produced will not be accepted. This challenge is meant to help winning artists turn their demos into full productions. On ItyDity, submitting to challenges is completely FREE and each artist may submit up to 2 original songs. 

Only songs that are completely original works (no cover songs) will be accepted in this Challenge. The song must also be the copyrighted work of the submitting user. Click here to learn what constitutes a copyrighted original work.


Voting Rules: 

Round 1: Fan Voting and Panel of Judges

Immediately upon submitting to this challenge, artists & songwriters are welcome and encouraged to share the direct link to vote for their song (which will be provided to them upon submission) with their fans or on their social media in order to acquire votes. Direct link voting will end on November 20th, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST (5 days after the final deadline for all submissions has passed) and will account for 50% of the overall score. A panel of selected judges on ItyDity will also score each song (on a scale from 1-5 based on originality, heart, and creativity) which will account for the other 50% of each song's overall score.

Round 2: General Public Voting

The top voted/scored songs will then immediately advance into the public voting period where each song's score is again level and each song is showcased to the public for voting in a random, fair order upon each unique visit to the site. Again, each song will be voted on a scale from 1-5.


The top two scored songs in round 2 will each be awarded the grand prize!!

First & Second Place Prize:

The top 2 voted songs/artists each win a song production project on ItyDity for their song ($600+ value each)

Each winning artist will work with multiple top music producers on ItyDity and will walk away with a fully produced, market-ready version of their song.

PLUS receive a 1-on-1, 45 minute consultation via Google Hangouts with #WomenCrush Music CEO Ashley Kervabon to brainstorm social media strategies for release of the single, and/or other PR and release strategies as tailored to the needs of each artist. 
ADDITIONALLY both winning artists will have the option to:
1. Sell their finished, fully produced song as an exclusive download for 30 days on ItyDity, prior to the song's release on Spotify, iTunes, ect. (shall the artist choose to release on those platforms) with each artist retaining 100% of the download revenue.
2. Sign the fully produced song to a 1 year publishing deal with ItyDity with the potential to have the song pitched to TV, film, and advertising opportunities.
Again these additional opportunities will be completely optional for each of the winning artists. 

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