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Check out Emma Marie's Song Production Project... 
Step 1 of 7

First, she uploaded a phone recording.

Emma uploaded a simple recording of her song from her phone or computer to the ItyDity Platform.  It cost $100 to post the song. Ready to post your own recording to the platform? Start here.

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Gold (Home Demo)Emma Marie
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Step 2 of 7

Then, she got clear on her creative vision.

Emma provided the names of a few songs she loves that inspire the vision for her own song.  Here are Emma’s inspiration songs:  


Sabrina Carpenter

I really like the general feel of this song. I like how it starts out simple with just piano and builds through the song. I love the strings and all the instruments added... 

Love Me Now

John Legend

I love how his vocals are showcased in this song and I really like the drum beat in this song. The vocal echoes are beautiful in this song...

Smoke and Fire

Sabrina Carpenter

I really like the overall feel of this song. 

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Now available on 
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and many more...

Emma Marie launched her Project on ItyDity to get her song produced.

Hear the final result!

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Step 3 of 7

And was able to communicate that vision to producers.  

The Song Blueprint™ helps you understand and communicate your creative vision. It is an absolutely unique tool that gives you personalized information about the mood, emotion, genres, and instrumentation of your desired sound.

The style that I'm going for is chill pop. I'd like elements added to give it a pop feel and would consider special effects such as slight auto tune on the rap/sing part on the bridge. 
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Step 4 of 7
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Producers around the world listened to Emma’s song.

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Eric Reid
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Taylor Carroll
Gold (Home Demo)Emma Marie
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Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 5.04.08 PM.png

They read her creative vision.  And they responded with feedback.  ItyDity is the only platform to give you producer feedback on your songs. 


Emma got feedback from:

Vetted Producers

from around the globe. (Every songwriter who posts their song on ItyDity can expect 6-12 producers to reach out!)

Step 5 of 7

Emma chose her favorite three producers to create a song sketch.

This is key.  You can’t confidently choose a producer when you don’t know how they will bring YOUR song to life.  ItyDity is the only platform to give you personalized sketches of your song before you start production.  Here’s what Emma got: 

Listen through sketches

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 6.02.31 PM.png
Gold - Sketch 1Milo Burke
00:00 / 04:15
Gold - Sketch 2Matt Dorsey
00:00 / 04:55
Gold - Sketch 3Luke Rose
00:00 / 05:03
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Producer Sketches

She listened to the sketches of her song. Emma had more questions.  She talked with her selected producers. 

Emma received:

Step 6 of 7

She made a great selection.

ItyDity takes care of contracts, pricing, schedule, mix deliverables, and assures 100% copyright and master recording ownership.  

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 6.06.23 PM.png
Milo Burke



Rising Producer

Milo Burke


Selected Producer

Emma chose her favorite sketch and producer.  She was ready to move forward.  The cost to move forward is $750 - $1250 depending on producer rate.

Emma chose:

Step 7 of 7

Emma worked with her producer-partner to complete the song.

ItyDity takes care of contracts, pricing, schedule, mix deliverables, and assures 100% copyright and master recording ownership.  Emma could focus on the music.  


And here’s the final song. 

Hear the final result!

Arrow 115.png

I've worked with producers before, but I really liked how on ItyDity I got to hear my song in different ways and then pick my favorite one.

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She worked remotely, 1:1 with her producer to complete her song. Here’s what she said about the experience:

This song is now available on all major platforms:

Apple Music

and more...

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