What's expected of engineers on ItyDity

Recording with artists, especially young artists, requires the skills of a very special engineer: someone likable, patient, knowledgable, experienced and comforting. 


Every engineer on ItyDity is hand picked by us, meaning we have listened to your work and spoke with you at length or have met you in person - and we believe you will possess all of these skills. 

Most artists on our site will only require the recording and engineering of their most basic tracks; usually their main vocal, a vocal double, 1-2 harmony tracks, and their main instrumentation (usually guitar or piano). If  anything more than this needed, such as the artist will be playing and recording drums, you will be informed by us prior to booking a session.


For your upcoming session, your engineer duties include the following: 


  • Please help the artist to feel comfortable and give them time to relax

  • Record the instrumentation first

  • Make sure the instrument is tuned (alternate and drop tunings are fine but must be calibrated to 440).  

  • Make sure the singer is appropriately close to the mic (depending on the particular vocal mic)

  • Ensure there is no obvious background noise (fans, traffic, outside noise, etc.) - remember that background noise will be boosted with compression

  • Make sure the recorded tracks are not clipped

  • Make sure the artist stays on tempo throughout the song

  • If the artist has a hard time with a click track, consider switching to a different click sound, a drum loop, or from 1/4 notes to 1/8 notes

  • Call attention to any obvious mistakes or pitchiness.  Consider asking the artist to use headphones on only one ear to hear themselves better

  • EQ and compression should be transparent (if used at all)

How to send ItyDity the tracks

  • Do not include effects on any recorded track

  • Individual tracks should be submitted as a 24- or 32-bit / 44.1khz WAV files

  • Send us (ItyDity) the tracks directly via a link to where you have stored them to Google Drive or Dropbox and using the recipient email: info@itydity.com

  • Note the tempo and time-signature in the body of the email 


PAYMENT: $100 per session


Sessions typically last 1-2 hours (although sometimes only last 30 minutes) and artists are given instructions to fully prepare and be practiced to a click track, as well as warm up their vocals before the start of a session. Number of takes just depends on when the artist and you the engineer agree you have gotten at least one or a few good tracks. Engineers are not expected to comp but if you have time and that's the way you do things, then you can. Engineers are not expected to tune.


You will be paid for the session within 72 hours of ItyDity receiving the tracks from you, and once the tracks have been approved for quality. Your payment will be direct deposited into the account for which you provided information when signing up.

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