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ItyDity's Data Driven Artificial Intelligence

works to ingeniously match music licensing opportunities in film, TV, ads, independent video projects and more with specific songs - by detecting likelihood of compatibility; analyzing instrumentation, productive elements, mood and lyrical content.


Jonah Brockman

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Melancholy Jazz Hands

Jonah Brockman

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Space Cactus

Jonah Brockman

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Call Your Mom

Emily Sonne

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Macy Warner

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What is ItyDity Music Licensing?

At ItyDity we work with some of the world’s best producers and emerging and undiscovered up-and-coming artists, and we are now making their tracks accessible to you, for easy discovery and licensing for your film, tv, gaming, podcast, or video project.
Never before has it been this easy to be on the pulse of emerging talent and help break new artists.

Who is ItyDity Music Licensing for?

ItyDity Music Licensing is for music supervisors, production companies, and independent video or podcast content creators looking for music to sync to their film and video projects.

What is the difference between ItyDity Music Licensing and other licensing libraries?

ItyDity's Ingenious Music Licensing™ uses proprietary technology to allow anyone to browse and search our catalog by more than just broad generalizations. With ItyDity's Ingenious Music Licensing you can narrow down the selection to find songs that share similar markers (emotional quality, micro-genres, instrumentation, production techniques, mixing effects, moods, and lyrical content) with other songs and placements so that you can find EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. For example, our database allows you to search for music that is similar in mood or style to music that has been featured on various popular television series. So say you are looking for songs that are "similar to those placed on The Handmaid's Tale", our search results will present you with songs that have a similar mood (brooding, aggressive, fiery), theme (rebellion, religion, suffering), show type (dystopian, dark, sci-fi), or target audience (female, age 22-42) to The Handmaid's Tale. Our unique filtering system also works for finding songs that are similar in mood or style to music placed on podcasts, influencer videos, films, and advertisements.

How much does it cost to license a track?

Prices vary from track to track starting as low as just $20. Licenses can be purchased according to how you plan to use them and/or how big your company or budget is. If you are an independent creator, making short videos for Instagram or Youtube, for example, many tracks are available for just $20. Bigger production companies looking to license songs for major network shows, will need to pay more. Don't worry, we make it all easy and transparent, as prices for each track/song are as listed on their product page, according to who you are and how you plan to use the song.

What types of Licenses are there?

There are two types of Licenses: 1. All Media License: Gives you a non-exclusive and perpetual license to sync a purchased track with any media (or any number of medias) created by you (such as video projects, independent films, etc). All Media Licenses are generally offered for solely instrumental tracks (songs with no lyrics or vocals). 2. Single Use License: Gives you a non-exclusive and perpetual license to sync a purchased track with single form of media, for a single purpose such as a movie trailer, a scene in a TV show, a podcast intro, or a product promo that will be broadcast on Youtube or Instagram. Single Use Licenses are generally offered for solely non-instrumental tracks (songs that do have lyrics or vocals). For more detailed terms, see the Content License Agreement terms here.

How does ItyDity determine the cost of each track's license/s?

Producers: For instrumental tracks, All Media Licenses are assigned a price based on factors like length of track, uniqueness of track, and quality. These prices typically range from $200-$1500 per license depending on the buyer type (independent, business, or premiuim buyer). Alternatively, the creator and owner of an instrumental track can instead opt to assign a price of their own choosing to a track, upon the track's acceptance into the Licensing Library. Singer-Songwriters/Artists: For non-instrumental tracks (songs with lyrics/vocals) Licenses are assigned the following prices: Branded Content (All Media) = $1500 Branded Content (Online Only) = $200 Small Business Use (Worldwide) = $500 Video Game (In game or trailer) = $500 Social content (instagram or youtube) = $20 Podcaster (not affiliated with a brand) = $50 For TV (show) = $1000 For TV (Promo) = $200 Independent Film (<10M Budget) = $1500 Studio Film (>10M Budget) = $4000 Ad (Worldwide) = $3000 Ad (Online Only) = $1000 Ad (Radio Only) = $500 For now, the creator and owner of a non-instrumental track/song will need to agree on this pricing, upon the song's acceptance into the Licensing Library.

How much is paid to the owner/creator of the track/song?

Typical of licensing companies, ItyDity pays creators 50% of Net License Revenue and we will retain the remaining 50% of the Net License Revenue as compensation and commission for our services.​